The Story

IMG_0971-2It’s the end of the semester at Lockwood University and the Master’s Film class must hand in their final semester film. Always fascinated with the paranormal and ghost hunting, Jason decides to stray away from the “boy likes girl” or sappy love story film that the rest of the class will
hand in.

With the help of his friends Cody, Mark, Stephanie, Paige, and Megan, Jason convinces them to film a paranormal featurette on Williams Manor, an old, abandoned mansion located in the area.

For years the manor has been shut down, gated up, keeping everyone away from the grounds. But there are also stories surrounding the estate. Ghost stories. To Jason, fascinating stories. He convinces everyone to get over their fear of what they may have heard about the manor and to go
make the best film possible.

Little do they know, they aren’t the only ones in the house. What was supposed to be a senior thesis film has now turned into a battle to escape the manor and save their own lives.